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Virginia Colony

  • Virginia Colony: Lord Delaware's arrival, the election of Captain James Smith as president of the Virgina Council, and destruction of the settlements.

  • Jamestown Colony: Six black and white drawings of the arrival at Jamestown, building, settlement, Captain Smith making a treaty with the Indians and on an exploring voyage, and a lovely drawing of Pocahontas.

  • Jamestown: Pictures of men building the first house, religious services, cultivation of tobacco, defense against Indians, and other illustrations of Jamestown.

  • John Smith: John Smith's coat of arms, a fight with a Turk, encounters with Indians, and the rescue by Pocahontas.

  • Captain John Smith: More depictions of Captain John Smith standing before Powhatan, with Pocahontas saving his life, portraits, and other images.


  • Mayflower: Several illustrations of the Mayflower, as well as relics from the vessel and an image of the signing of the Mayflower Compact.

  • Plymouth Rock: Three different views of historic Plymouth Rock.

  • Plymouth: The first seal of the Plymouth Colony, a map of Plymouth Harbor, Samoset's visit to the colony , a pilgrim family, and building houses.

  • Plymouth Colony: Six more images of Plymouth Colony including the landing of the pilgrims, fighting Indians, the treaty between the colony and Massasoit, pilgirms going to chuch, and a little Pilgrim girl.

  • Pilgrims: Six images including John Alden and Mary Chilton, the first landing, and public worship at Plymouth.

  • Massachusetts Colony: Pictures of Plymouth Bay in midwinter, Myles Standish, Puritans going to chuch, and views of churches in Boston.

  • Colonial Massachusetts: Images of a Quaker on trial, a man in the stocks, fishermen off the coast of New England, cutting down the maypole, and an early image of Harvard College.

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony: Images of the Massachusetts Bay Colony's coat of arms, a map of the coast, Puritans wading ashore, a call to prayer, and a fair Puritan.

  • New England Colonies: Six illustrations including the seal of New England, early New England settlements and settlers, Pilgirms going to chuch, the old South Church and Faneuil Hall, both of Boston.

  • Puritans: This page has an assortment of images which includes a Puritan wedding procession, Puritans barricading their house against Indians, and English Puritans escaping to America.

  • Puritan Life: Additional etchings of the landing on Cape Cod, the first Sunday at New Haven, returning from a wedding, the break-up of a Puritan meeting, and Puritan morality enforced.

  • Salem Witch Trials: A portrait of Cotton Mather, Tituba and the children, Susanna Trimmings and Goodwife Walford, and more.

  • Salem Witchcraft Trials: A sketch of the first church in Salem, a delusion scene in court, another portrait of Mather, and Martha Corey in prison.


  • Maryland Colony: Cecil Calvert, Governor Calvert and an Indian chief, St. Mary's Point, Claiborne's Trading Post, an Indian attack, and the first Jesuit chapel of the Maryland Colony.

  • Colonial Maryland: Pictures of Lord Baltimore, a Maryland shilling and the coat of arms, a map of the boundary of Maryland, and an old manor house.


  • Connecticut Colony: Several images relating to the Connecticut Colony including the coat of arms, people emigrating and settling in Connecticut, the burning of Pequod Fort, and the first settlement at New Haven.

  • Colonial Connecticut: Six more illustrations including emigrants, an attack on the Indians of Block Island, pictures of New Haven and the Charter Oak.

Rhode Island

  • Colonial Rhode Island: Various pictures of Roger Williams and the first settlements.

  • Roger Williams: More images of Roger Williams and his exile and assistance from the Native Americans.

The Carolinas

  • North Carolina Colony: Six images include settlers, a map of the region, a scene on the north coast, a settlers cabin, and the colony's coat of arms.

  • South Carolina Colony: Pictures of the depicting Charleston Harbor, a seal of the proprietor of Carolina, Hilton Head at the entrance to Port Royal, pirates in Charleston, and Sothell and his followers seizing the S.C. government.

New York

  • New Amsterdam: The oldest picture of New York, its first settlement, the purchase of Manhattan Island, and Dutch trading.

  • New York Colony: The landing of the Dutch Colony on Staten Island, the first settlement of Albany, Dutch traders at Manhattan, and more.

  • Colonial New York: Pictures of the first New York settlement, the coat of arms, a Dutch house in Albany, and the burning of Schenectady.

  • Peter Stuyvesant: Images Stuyvesant's reception at New Amsterdam, as well as pictures of him at Fort Orange, and with Beekman and Winthrop.

New Jersey

  • New Jersey Colony: Governor Carteret's arrival, one of the first meeting houses in Newark, trading with the Native Americans, and early settlements.


  • Pennsylvania Colony: Pennsylvania Colony's coat of arms, colonists on the Delaware, William Penn in prison, the town of Chester, and the Letitia Cottage in Philadelphia.

  • Colonial Pennsylvania: Penn laying out the plan for Philadelphia, the Treaty Ground at Kensington, and the Penn Mansion.

  • William Penn: Arriving in America, later at Newcastle, his voyage up the Delaware, and his treaty with the Indians.

  • Portrait of William Penn: Six more black and white Portraits of William Penn.

  • Quakers: Seven images of Quakers, or Friends, including two images of George Fox, a Quaker trial, a Quaker woman preaching in New Amsterdam, a meeting house in Flushing, and sadly, Quakers being lead to execution.


  • Colonial Georgia: These pictures include a print of Savannah from 1741, a map of the coast, the seal of the Georgia trustees, and Oglethorpes' landing.

  • James Oglethorpe: There are six pictures on this page showing Oglethorpe being received at Darien, as well as a scene of him with his militia and with the Native Americans.

More Colonial Images

  • Southern Colonies: A southern homestead, two maps of early settlements, images of Baltimore and an old Virginia mansion.

  • French and Indian War: Several views of the French and Indian War including the first shot, a map showing positions of French and English forts, and several pictures of General George Washington.

  • Edward Braddock: Eight images of Edward Braddock: his march, a map of his route, the retreat of his army, his death, his grave, and more.

Life in the Colonies

  • Colonial Life: On this page you'll find drawings of various relics such as a sundial, spinning wheel, and some interesting tools.

  • Colonial Women: Here you'll find eight interesting images of colonial women including Ann Hutchinson, Anne Burden, and others.

  • Colonial Clothing: Clothing of the Puritans, a Dutch man and woman, and a colonial English gentleman.

  • Colonial Fashion: Six views of colonial fashion including Quaker and Huguenot men and women and fashions from George I's reign.

  • Colonial Clothes: Dresses from Massachusetts, Virginia, and a gown of brocade imported from China.

  • Colonial Dress: Engravings of several elaborate gowns and more simple Quaker dress.

  • Colonial People: Typical costumes of settlers, two fancy dresses, the ordinalry dress of a boy and girl, a soldier, and a countryman and a peddler.

  • Colonial Houses: Six images of colonial houses, with drawings showing how the colonists built their houses, two views of a colonial block house, and two rooms from a Virginian mansion.

  • Colonial Times: Pictures of a New England kitchen scene, a colonial dame and madam, training day in olden times, a scold gagged, Pilgrims at church, a wanton gospeler, and the pilory.

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