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Madison's Administration : The War of 1812 : Monroe's and John Quincy Adams' Administrations
Early Forms of Transportation

Administration of Madison (1809-1817)

  • President Madison: One color and five black and white portraits of President Madison.

  • President James Madison: Images of President James Madison include the two color and four black and white presedential portraits.

  • James Madison: Four illustrations of James Madison and two of Montpelier, Madison's home.

  • Dolly Madison: Two of these pictures of Dolly (Dolley) Madison show her saving the Declaration of Independence and a portrait of Washington during the burning of the White House in the War of 1812.

  • Tecumseh's War: Seven images of Tecumseh's War include Tecumseh entering into council with General Harrison at Vicennes in 1810.

  • Tippecanoe: These images show the battle at Tippecanoe in 1811, between Tecumseh's American Indian confederation and United States forces led by Governor William Henry Harrison.

  • William Hull: Here are two portraits of William Hull along with two scenes of him at Fort Detroit, where he surrendered to British forces at the very beginning of the War of 1812.

  • John Calhoun: Portraits of John Calhoun, who was a leading politician and political theorist from South Carolina.

  • John C. Calhoun: Six more images of John C. Calhoun, one of the "war hawks" who agitated in Congress for the War of 1812 against Britain.

  • James Lawrence: Six pictures on this page show Captain James Lawrence, the commander of the USS Chesapeake, whose dying words, "Don't give up the ship!" became a popular battle cry.

  • Oliver Perry: Here you'll find an assortment of portraits of Commodore Oliver Perry, who led the Americans to victory in the Battle of Lake Erie on September 10, 1813.

  • William Weatherford: Seven images of William Weatherford, also known as Red Eagle, escaping on his horse and surrendering to General Jackson at the close of the Creek Wars.

The War of 1812

  • USS Essex: Five illustrations of the USS Essex battling against the HMS Alert, as well as picture of Admiral David D. Porter.

  • USS Constitution: The USS Constitution was one of the six original frigates authorized to be built in 1794. Here are six images of her battling against the HMS Guerriere.

  • Guerriere: Six more illustrations of the Guerriere fighting the Constitution.

  • USS Wasp: Images of the USS Wasp show her engaged in battle against the British ship, the Frolic.

  • USS United States: These pictures of the USS United States, commanded by Stephen Decatur, depict her battle against the HBM frigate the Macedonian.

  • Battle of Lake Erie: Scenes from the Battle of Lake Erie show General Harrison's troops crossing the lake and Commodore Perry leading the fight.

  • Battle of the Thames: Illustrations of the Battle of the Thames as well as images of the death of Tecumseh.

  • Battle of Lake Champlain: Six images of McDonough's victory at the Battle of Lake Champlain.

  • Battle of New Orleans: Nine images of the Battle of New Orleans including the death of General Pakenham.

  • Fort Stephenson: This page shows the British being repulsed at Fort Stephenson.

  • War of 1812: On this page of pictures from the War of 1812 is an image of American leaders, two maps, a drawing of the Battle of Lundy's Lane, General Boyd storming Fort George, and the surrender of British Captain Dacres.

  • War of 1812 Battles: Six images show War of 1812 Battles including the repulse at Stone Mill at the Battle of Plattsburg and the Fort Erie bastion being blown up.

  • Battles of 1812: These illustrations of Battles of 1812 show more naval conflicts, including the captures of the British ships L'Insurgente, Cyane, and Levant.

  • War of 1812 History: This page shows War of 1812 History with a color illustration of U.S. Army and Navy uniforms, Cockburn's fleet sailing up the Potomac, troops charging into Pensacola, and more.

Administrations of James Monroe (1817-1825) and John Quincy Adams (1824-1829)

  • James Monroe: Six portraits of James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States.

  • President Monroe: Illustrations of President Monroe includes an image of his residence at Oak Hill, Virginia.

  • President James Monroe: Six more illustrations of President James Monroe, including two pictures of him lying in state at the City Hall in New York and a picture of his tomb.

  • Quincy Adams: These images of John Quincy Adams include an illustration of the Adams mansion in Quincy, Massachusetts.

  • Quincy Adams: Pictures of Quincy Adams, include a sketch by Arthur J. Stansbury of Adams on his death bed.

  • Zebulon Pike: An American statesman who represented Kentucky in both the Senate and the House of Representatives and also served as Secretary of State from 1825 to 1829. This page contains five portraits and also shows him addressing the Senate.

Early Forms of Transportation

  • Horse Drawn Carriages: Six different models of Horse Drawn Carriages, circa 1810 to 1825.

  • Horse Carriages: Illustrations of another six Horse Carriages such as the American Sociable, a full top Cabriolet, and a model called the Prince of Wales.

  • Horse Buggies: Six images of Horse Buggies such as the Deep-Side Box-Buggie and the Victoria Phaeton can be found here.

  • Stagecoach Travel: Illustrations of Stagecoach Travel, such as a pony express on the Overland route and a stage being attacked by Indians.

  • Conestoga Wagons: Images of Conestoga wagons , which were a heavy, broad-wheeled covered wagon used during the late 18th and 19th centuries. It was large enough to transport loads up to 8 tons and was drawn by horses, mules or oxen.

  • Wagon Trains: Emigrants of the American West often traveled together in wagon trains, usually in groups of twenty to forty wagons. This page shows pioneers of Arkansas, Kansas, and California.

  • Covered Wagons: Six illustrations of covered wagons , also known as Prairie schooners, which carried thousands of Americans across the Great Plains to Oregon and California in the mid-ninteenth century.

  • Horse Drawn Wagons: Various pictures of people traveling by horse drawn wagons.

  • Railway History: On this page are six images from Railway History including the first railway coach, Oliver Evan's road engine, and Peter Cooper's engine, known as "Tom Thumb."

  • Railroad History: More images of Railroad History with pictures of "Puffing Billy," the first locomotive built in America, the first locomotive explosion, and the first railway passenger engine.

  • Steam Locomotive: Pictures of the Steam Locomotive include images of the Stowbridge Lion, sectional views of a locomotive, and more.

  • Locomotive Pictures: Six Locomotive Pictures including the Amoskeag Locomotive works and a "modern" (1871) train with Pullman Palace cars used for travel between new York and Sacramento, California.

  • Central Pacific Railroad: These illustrations of bridges and trestles in the Sierra mountains of California show the amazing engineering feats of the Central Pacific Railroad.

  • Erie Canal: This page about the construction of the Erie Canal, begun in 1817, shows the locks, a map, and a packet boat and barge traveling up the canal.

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