Native American Tribes

Below you will find images relating to the Native American Tribes.

Please be aware that these images have been taken from books, photos, postcards, and magazines from the mid-1800's to the early 1900's, and they often reflect the prejudices, stereotypes, and ignorance of that time. Terms that are now considered disrespectful were at one time commonplace and are included here as they appeared in the original source material in an attempt to provide an historical context for these images. They do not represent my own personal viewpoint in anyway.

While the vast majority of images come from my personal collection, when necessary, I have used public domain images from SIRIS, the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System. It is a terrific resource, although not all the materials there are in the public domain. If you want to reuse images labeled as being from SIRIS, be sure to read their copyright information.

These images are free for you to use any way you want with just a couple of exceptions. Please read my Terms of Use for more information.

Native American Tribes: AlgonquinNative American Tribes: Algonquin

There are five wonderful photographs Algonquin Indians on this page.

Native American Tribes: AnasaziNative American Tribes: Anasazi

On this page of Anasazi images, are pictures of ancient cave dwellings, restored tower and cliff houses, and an etching of an attack on a village.

Native American Tribes: Anasazi IndiansNative American Tribes: Anasazi Indians

Six more pictures of items relating to the Anasazi Indians including vases, pottery, dwellings, and rock inscriptions.

Native American Tribes: ApacheNative American Tribes: Apache

Several images of Apache scouts, and warriors, are here, as well as an image of the Apaches treating for peace with General Crook, and the surrender of the Chiricahuas and their captives.

Native American Tribes: Apache IndiansNative American Tribes: Apache Indians

On this page of Apache Indians you'll find portraits of Naiche, Chief Pacer, and Dr. Carlos Montezuma, along with others.

Native American Tribes: BlackfootNative American Tribes: Blackfoot

Here you'll find a Blackfoot family at home, mounted Blackfoot, pictures of men, and one old woman.

Native American Tribes: Blackfoot IndiansNative American Tribes: Blackfoot Indians

Six additional images of Blackfoot Indians include a chief, medicine man, mounted Blackfeet traveling through snow, and other portraits.

Native American Tribes: California IndiansNative American Tribes: California Indians

These pictures of California Indians depict Mission Indians of Southern California, Diggers in a canoe and on land, and an Native American woman of the Sacramento River.

Native American Tribes: CherokeeNative American Tribes: Cherokee

A group of Cherokee women making pottery, a portrait of a girl in native dress, and more are on this page.

Native American Tribes: Cherokee IndiansNative American Tribes: Cherokee Indians

Two pictures of Sequoya, the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet, and four other Cherokee Indians are shown here.

Native American Tribes: CheyenneNative American Tribes: Cheyenne

On this page you'll find images of a Cheyenne chief, the Battle of Rosebud, a pow wow, and the capture of Black Kettle's camp.

Native American Tribes: Cheyenne IndiansNative American Tribes: Cheyenne Indians

This page shows a lodge and burial ground of the Cheyenne Indians as well as images of warriors and chiefs.

Native American Tribes: Chippewa IndiansNative American Tribes: Chippewa Indians

The images of Chippewa Indians on this page include Oshawahnah, a Chippewa chief, Chippewa Indians fishing from canoes, and three more drawings of individuals.

Native American Tribes: Chippewa TribeNative American Tribes: Chippewa Tribe

The Chippewa Tribe members on this page were all drawn by George Catlin and provide portaits of the nine Chippewa who visited Longon on tour with Catlin's Gallery in 1845, as well as drawings done by Chippewa showing their version of heaven and their first meetings with the white man.

Native American Tribes: ChoctawNative American Tribes: Choctaw

Here are pictures of two Choctaw men, three pictures of ball-players, and one showing the Eagle Dance of the Choctaw.

Native American Tribes: Choctaw IndiansNative American Tribes: Choctaw Indians

This page shows six more Choctaw Indians with a portrait of two girls, a woman pounding corn, another woman in partial native dress, a group portrait and more.

Native American Tribes: ComancheNative American Tribes: Comanche

This set of Comanche images features Quanah Parker, principal chief of the Comanches and members of his family, Indians stealing cows, and two portraits of warriors.

Native American Tribes: Comanche IndiansNative American Tribes: Comanche Indians

There are six more portraits of Comanche Indians to be found on this page.

Native American Tribes: CreeNative American Tribes: Cree

These pictures of Cree include a medicine man in full regalia, an camp scene, and four portraits of tribe members.

Native American Tribes: Creek IndiansNative American Tribes: Creek Indians

There are five pictues on this page showing Creek Indians in the Battle of Talladega, in a canoe fight, and an image of a Creek chieftan.

Native American Tribes: Crow IndiansNative American Tribes: Crow Indians

A Crow grandmother, mother, and child, a group of mounted Crow women, and a medicine Crow in native dress are part of this set of Crow Indians.

Native American Tribes: Dakota IndiansNative American Tribes: Dakota Indians

Here we have several portraits of chiefs in partial native dress, and also a picture of Dakota Indians playing a game of plum stones.

Native American Tribes: HopiNative American Tribes: Hopi

This page features photographs of the Hopi participating in several ceremonies such as the Walpi new fire rite, the tablet dance, and the bean planting ceremony.

Native American Tribes: Hopi IndiansNative American Tribes: Hopi Indians

Images of the Snake Dance of the Hopi Indians and a photo of Hopi children are featured on this page.

Native American Tribes: Hopi ReligionNative American Tribes: Hopi Religion

The altar of the horned priests, and other artifacts using in the ceremonies of the Hopi Religion are shown here.

Native American Tribes: Hopi CeremoniesNative American Tribes: Hopi Ceremonies

On this page you'll find more photographs of paraphenalia used during Hopi Ceremonies and an Indian drawing of the Corn Maidens grinding corn.

Native American Tribes: Hopi Kachina MasksNative American Tribes: Hopi Kachina Masks

There are two views of a kachina helmet mask, rain kachinas at Walpi, and an Indian drawing representing a war kachina on this page showing Hopi Kachina Masks.

Native American Tribes: IroquoisNative American Tribes: Iroquois

Included on this page are Iroquois dwellings, a war dance, and three images of Hiawatha.

Native American Tribes: Iroquois IndiansNative American Tribes: Iroquois Indians

Engravings of Iroquois Indians show an Iroquois chief, a long house at Onondaga, and several battle images.

Native American Tribes: Iroquois TribeNative American Tribes: Iroquois Tribe

These images of the Iroquois Tribe present a woman and baby with a cradleboard, a group of children beside a wooden boat, and several portraits.

Native American Tribes: KiowaNative American Tribes: Kiowa

There are five portraits of Kiowa chiefs on this page, with images of Satanta, Lone Wolf, and Big Tree.

Native American Tribes: Lakota IndiansNative American Tribes: Lakota Indians

Included on this page of Lakota Indians are images of Spotted Tail, Rain-in-the-Face, Chief Big Joseph, Conquering Bear, and Red Cloud.

Native American Tribes: Lakota SiouxNative American Tribes: Lakota Sioux

There are six portraits of Lakota Sioux on this page, including ones of Big Foot, White Hawk, Kicking Bear, Hollow Horn Bear, and others.

Native American Tribes: MandanNative American Tribes: Mandan

On this page you'll find a chief, scenes from a Mandan village and burial ground, a medicine man in bearskin, and a Mandan woman and papoose.

Native American Tribes: Modoc IndiansNative American Tribes: Moduc Indians

The Moduc Indians depicted on this page include Captain Jack (not Sparrow), Hooker Jim, Modocs on the war path, in their stonghold and attacking some commissioners.

Native American Tribes: Mohawk IndiansNative American Tribes: Mohawk Indians

This selection of images of Mohawk Indians shows three different portraits of Chief Joseph Brandt,, King Hendrick, another Mohawk chief, a treaty of peace, and a drawing titled The Mohawk's Last Arrow.

Native American Tribes: MoundbuildersNative American Tribes: Moundbuilders

The ancient Moundbuilders left us a square mound at Marieta, a graded way near Piketon, and an elephant and a great serpent mound which can be seen here.

Native American Tribes: Mound BuildersNative American Tribes: Moundbuilders

Here are some relics of the Mound Builders including spear heads, stone pipes, a vase, and several clay vessels.

Native American Tribes: NavajoNative American Tribes: Navajo

On this page are Navajo images of a man with silver ornaments, a loom, a boy, a scene from the Navajo Fire Dance, and two pictures of Navajo chiefs.

Native American Tribes: Navajo IndiansNative American Tribes: Navajo Indians

You can find more Navajo Indians on this page with pics of a blanket weaver and loom, an old warrior with lance and shield, and a Navajo Indian and child at their home in Canyon de Chelle.

Native American Tribes: Nez PerceNative American Tribes: Nez Perce

These Nez Perce images show two pictures of Chief Joseph, the Battle of Canyon Creek, a boy and a papoose, and a Nez Perce camp.

Native American Tribes: OsageNative American Tribes: Osage

There are images of three warriors and several chiefs on this page depicting the Osage.

Native American Tribes: Pawnee IndiansNative American Tribes: Pawnee Indians

There are two color images of Pawnee Indians in ceremonial dress to illustrate Hako, a Pawnee ceremoney, as well as chiefs and a group portrait of several Pawnee on this page.

Native American Tribes: Plains IndiansNative American Tribes: Plains Indians

Quite a few tribes comprise the group referred to as the Plains Indians, so on this page we have eight images of Arapahoes, Crows, Shoshones, and scenes of buffalo hunts and conflict on the plains.

Native American Tribes: PoncaNative American Tribes: Ponca

Two pictures of Chief Standing Buffalo are on this page of Ponca Indians, along with White Eagle, Standing Bear, Big Chief, and Hairy Bear.

Native American Tribes: PotawatomiNative American Tribes: Potawatomi

On this page you'll find several Potawatomi chiefs, a village scene, and a man ready for travel.

Native American Tribes: PowhatanNative American Tribes: Powhatan

Pocahontas was a Powhatan and you'll find two pictures of her here along with images of Chief Powhatan and his brother, Opecancanough.

Native American Tribes: PuebloNative American Tribes: Pueblo

This set of Pueblo illustrations show a Pueblo church, a carreta, a procession on the day of the saints, pueblo clothing, a pueblo cacique, and more.

Native American Tribes: Pueblo IndiansNative American Tribes: Pueblo Indians

This selection of images of Pueblo Indians shows a group of natives, some Pueblo girls, water carriers, a dance in the pueblo, and views of pueblo apartments.

Native American Tribes: Pueblo PeopleNative American Tribes: Pueblo People

The Pueblo People shown here include girls winnowing beans and selling clay images, a young hunter, a clotho spinning in the sun, a young maiden, and a Pueblo and cart.

Native American Tribes: Pueblo Indian DwellingsNative American Tribes: Pueblo Indian Dwellings

This final set of images relating to the Pueblo Indians features several Pueblo Indian Dwellings with views of characteristic pueblo houses, a village, the house of a chief, and pueblos of Laguna and Taos, New Mexico.

Native American Tribes: Sauk IndiansNative American Tribes: Sauk Indians

For this page on the Sauk Indians there are three pictures of Black Hawk, one picture of his son, and two pics of Keokuk, also known as The Watchful Fox.

Native American Tribes: Seminole TribeNative American Tribes: Seminole Tribe

More Seminole Tribe members are on this page, including a Seminole family inside a chickee, a young man skinning a wild turkey, and the first photo taken at Pine Island, Florida.

Native American Tribes: Seminole IndiansNative American Tribes: Seminole Indians

A scene of the Seminole War, and Seminoles Billy Bowlegs, Osceola, Hillishago, and Micanope can be found on this page of Seminole Indians.

Native American Tribes: Seneca IndiansNative American Tribes: Seneca Indians

Red Jacket, Seneca cheif and orator, Corn Planter, another Seneca chief, and an illustration of a massacre in Wyoming are all represented on this page of Seneca Indians.

Native American Tribes: ShawneeNative American Tribes: Shawnee

A number of pictures of the famous Shawnee chief, Tecumseh, are on this page, along with images of his brother, The Prophet, and the Battle of Tippecanoe.

Native American Tribes: SiouxNative American Tribes: Sioux

Images of the Sioux were the most prevelant. This page provides a selection of chiefs -- Hollow Horn Bear, Leading Hawk, Red Cloud, Chief Gall, and others.

Native American Tribes: Sioux IndiansNative American Tribes: Sioux Indians

Little Crow, Little Paul, the capture of an Indian camp, a group of Sioux chiefs and more more can be found on this page of Sioux Indians.

Native American Tribes: Sioux TribeNative American Tribes: Sioux Indian Tribe

More images of the Sioux Tribe include scenes of an Indan council, the death of a Sioux chief in an attack, and portraits of Sioux chiefs.

Native American Tribes: Sioux Indian TribeNative American Tribes: Sioux Indian Tribe

This page shows the Sioux method of dressing the hair, a medicine chief, a village, Sioux artifacts, and sadly, a "massacre" and subsequent execution of many members of the Sioux Indian Tribe.

Native American Tribes: Sioux ClothingNative American Tribes: Sioux Clothing

A fabulous color illustration of Red Cloud's ornamented buckskin war shirt, and more Sioux Indians in full regalia are featured on this page of Sioux Clothing.

Native American Tribes: Sioux ClothingNative American Tribes: Sioux Native American Tribes

One last page of Sioux Native American Tribes provides lovely photographs of three Sioux women and four Sioux men in native dress.

Native American Tribes: UtesNative American Tribes: Utes

On this page featuring the Utes you'll find chiefs and also warriors on the lookout for wagon trains.

Native American Tribes: Ute IndiansNative American Tribes: Ute Indians

This page of Ute Indians provides images of Chief Ouray, Chief Colorow, Chief Washington, and Chief Piah.

Native American Tribes: ZuniNative American Tribes: Zuni

These etchings show Zuni dwellings, pueblos, altars, a vegetable garden, a farm house, and a Zuni woman at a window.

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