Native Americans

Below you will find images relating to the Native Americans.

Please be aware that these images have been taken from books, photos, postcards, and magazines from the mid-1800's to the early 1900's, and they often reflect the prejudices, stereotypes, and ignorance of that time. Terms that are now considered disrespectful were at one time commonplace and are included here as they appeared in the original source material in an attempt to provide an historical context for these images. They do not represent my own personal viewpoint in anyway.

While the vast majority of images come from my personal collection, when necessary, I have used public domain images from SIRIS, the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System. It is a terrific resource, although not all the materials there are in the public domain. If you want to reuse images labeled as being from SIRIS, be sure to read their copyright information.

These images are free for you to use any way you want with just a couple of exceptions. Please read my Terms of Use for more information.

Native Americans: GeronimoNative Americans: Geronimo

An assortment of seven black and white and color images of Geronimo, war-chief of the Apaches.

Native Americans: HiawathaNative Americans: Hiawatha

Here you'll find seven black and white drawings of Hiawatha, as a child and with Nokomis.

Native Americans: Hiawatha the IndianNative Americans: Hiawatha the Indian

Six more beautiful color illustrations of Hiawatha the Indian, as a child, a man, and with Minnehaha.

Native Americans: Iroquois HiawathaNative Americans: Iroquois Hiawatha

Here are six additional color pictures of Iroquois Hiawatha as a boy hunting and with Iagoo and Nokomis.

Native Americans: OsceolaNative Americans: Osceola

This page has an assortment of different depictions of Osceola the famous leader of the Seminoles.

Native Americans: PocahontasNative Americans: Pocahontas

This set of seven amazing color illustrations of Pocahontas show her progression through life from a young girl to her appearance before the queen as Lady Rebecca.

Native Americans: Pocahontas LifeNative Americans: Pocahonatas Life

More black and white etchings showing Pocahonatas's Life, including her rescue of Captain John Smith, her baptism, and her marriage to John Rolfe.

Native Americans: Chief PontiacNative Americans: Chief Pontiac

Here are pictures of Chief Pontiac, the Ottawa leader who became famous for his role in Pontiac's Rebellion.

Native Americans: Sitting BullNative Americans: Sitting Bull

Six images of the great Sioux leader, Sitting Bull including portraits, battle scenes, and drawings of the interior and exterior of his teepee.

Native Americans: Chief Sitting BullNative Americans: Chief Sitting Bull

Six photos of Chief Sitting Bull along with various members of his family.

Native Americans: Tecumseh Indian ChiefNative Americans: Tecumseh Indian Chief

Six images of Tecumseh Indian Chief of the Shawnee tribe, including him giving a speech, saving the lives of prisoners, and his death.

Native Americans: Famous Indian ChiefsNative Americans: Famous Indian Chiefs

This page features Famous Indian Chiefs King Philip, Chief Pontiac, Little Turtle, Logan, Black Hawk, and a group portrait of Cornstalk, Logan, and Red Eagle.

Native Americans: Indian ChiefsNative Americans: Indian Chiefs

On this page you'll find more images of Indian Chiefs with illustrations of wonderfully decorated Sioux, Kiowa, Otoe, Mandan, Pottawatomie, and Seneca leaders.

Native Americans: Native American ChiefsNative Americans: Native American Chiefs

Here are some additional images of Native American Chiefs from the Menomonies, Sauk, Gros Ventres, Cheyenne, Seminole, and Sioux tribes.

Native Americans: Native American WomenNative Americans: Native American Women

Six illustrations and one photograph of lovely Native American Women including Kiowa Annie, Annie Red Shirt, and Cofachiqui, the Indian princess, presenting a string of pearls to de Soto.

Native Americans: North American IndiansNative Americans: North American Indians

This page has an assortment of images of North American Indians which includes Black Hawk, Logan, Tecaughretanego, the Treaty with Five Nations, and Native Americans with their horses.

Native Americans: American IndiansNative Americans: American Indians

Here we have additional etchings of American Indians spear fishing, holding council, visiting a burying ground, and involved in conflict.

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