Terms of Use

If you are interested in using images which are labeled SIRIS (the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System), please view their separate copyright information for how to appropriately use their images.

With regards to ther rest of the images on this site: All photos, images, and original art on this website are provided by U.S. History Images and are protected by United States copyright law regarding compilations and derivations. All the images on this website are from sources which are in the public domain - that is published prior to 1923. You are granted permission to use the images for commercial or personal use as long as you agree to the following terms:

You may: Use the images as part of traditional and digital media to reproduce, display and sell your products by any means. So if you want to make t-shirts, notecards, collage art, logos, brochures, use the images as design elements in blogs, websites, and books that is okay.

You may: Use the images for educational purposes - reports, projects, powerpoint presentations, etc. In fact, that's why they're here!

You may: Use the images multiple times without having to pay a royalty.

You may not: Redistribute the images in whole or as part of another design resource. This includes, but is not limited to, patterns, CD's, collage sheets, rubber stamps, or on other websites whose sole purpose is to sell or give away clipart, drawings, illustrations, or images.

Bottom Line: Use the images freely, but don't use the hard work, time, and money I have invested in order to compete with me by taking the images and giving them away or selling them elsewhere. If you can't agree to the minimal and fair restrictions outlined above, then please don't use the images. Instead, buy the original source material yourself and do what you want with the images located therein.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further clarification.


Name: Karen J. Hatzigeorgiou

Email: karen@ushistoryimages.com


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