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Scenes from the American Revolution : Founding Fathers and Patriots
Battles & Battlegrounds of the Revolution

Scenes from the American Revolution

  • American Revolution: Scenes of British troops in Boston, an image of a British general, Jack Davis fooling the British, and two pictures of regulators.

  • Revolutionary War: More images include a scene from the eve of the revolution, Paul Revere scattering handbills, Parson Emerson at Concord, Putnam's escape, and Colonists pulling down the statue of the king.

  • American Revolutionary War: A tablet near the spot where the first blood was shed, the fall of the Colors, public meeting and processions, and papers being destroyed.

  • Continental Congress: Drawings of Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, where the first was held, as well as scenes of the first prayer in congress and delegates leaving after a session.

  • The Declaration of Independence: Facsimiles of The Declaration of Independence along with the signatures of the signers.

  • Declaration of Independence: Scenes involving the signing, reading, and proclamation of the Declaration of Independence.

  • Independence Hall: Seven views of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

  • Liberty Bell: Three pictures on this page showing the Liberty Bell.

  • Revolutionary War Flags: An assortment of Revolutionary War Flags such as the British Union Jack, the Rattlesnake flag, and the Stars and Stripes of the United States.

Founding Fathers & Revolutionary Patriots

  • Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin entering Philadelphia, delivering the paper, and at his printing press.

  • Benjamin Franklin's Life: Seven illustrations from Benjamin Franklin's life, including his entry into Philadelphia, his work as an apprentice, and two images of the printing press he might have used during his years as a printer.

  • Pictures of Benjamin Franklin: These pictures of Benjamin Franklin show him playing with lightning, being escorted by his regiment, and hobnobbing with French society.

  • Printing Press Invention: Six images of the printing press invention, including the Washington press and the presses used by Benjamin Franklin when he was a printer.

  • James Otis: Images of Otis giving a speech, avenging an insult, leaving the town hall, and his death.

  • Samuel Adams: Five different illustrations of Samuel Adams.

  • John Hancock: Six portraits of John Hancock and one of his with John Dickenson and Cadwallader Colden.

  • Paul Revere: Iconic (and inaccurate??) images of Paul Revere making his midnight ride and swinging a lantern.

  • Patrick Henry: Three drawings of Patrick Henry, including one in the Virginia Assembly and one with Peyton Randolph.

  • Benedict Arnold: Traitor or patriot? The infamous Benedict Arnold is shown marching to Quebec, crossing the wilderness, fighting at the Battle of Saratoga, and making his escape.

  • John Paul Jones: Several portraits of Jones including one where he is encouraging his men.

  • Ethan Allen: Five images show Ethan Allen capturing Delaplace, his summons, capture, and confinement in irons.

  • Nathan Hale: Nathan Hale as a spy, his capture, execution, and a statue commemorating him in New York.

  • Marquis de Lafayette: The first honorary United States citizen, Marquis de Lafayette, in several poses including consulting with Washington.

  • Betsy Ross: Two pictures of Betsy Ross making our nation's flag.

  • Molly Pitcher: Molly Pitcher started priming the canon at Monmouth after her husband fell in battle.

  • Colonial Minutemen: Five images of Colonial Minutemen can be found on this page.

  • Minutemen: Minutemen preparing for war, being called to arms, and harassing the British on their retreat from Lexington.

  • Revolutionary War Soldiers: General Howe evacuating Boston, the battles of Harlem and Brandywine, a meeting between Washington and Rochambeau, and more.

  • Hessians: German soldiers being conscripted into the military and sold to the British and marching scenes.

  • Hessian Soldiers: Uniforms of Hessian soldiers and battle images.

Battles & Battlegrounds of the Revolution

  • Stamp Act: Six images of the Stamp Act that started agitation among the colonists. Among them, the Stamp Act stamp, burning of the stamps, a Stamp Act official beaten, another one hung, and the reading and condemnation of the Stamp Act.

  • Boston Massacre: Five black and white drawings of the bloody Boston Massacre.

  • Boston Tea Party: Pictures of the destruction of tea, tea being thrown overboard, and tea being burned in New Jersey.

  • Boston: Boston during the Revolution, the Province House, the Boston Battery, a view of Boston from Dochester Heights, and maps of Boston and the surrounding area.

  • Faneuil Hall: Faneuil Hall in Boston was the site of many important events.

  • Concord: Eight illustrations of Concord during the American Revolution show British troops in Concord common, the Concord Bridge, the Battle at Concord and the eventual retreat from Concord.

  • Lexington: Five different views of historic Lexington include Lexington Green, the alarm bell, and Paul Revere at Lexington.

  • Battle of Lexington: Eight scenes of the Battle of Lexington show maps, the fighting, and the British retreating.

  • Bunker Hill: A prayer before battle, the death of Major-General Warren and an image of a monument of Bunker Hill.

  • Battle of Bunker Hill: Six more images of the Battle of Bunker Hill, including battle plan maps, scenes of the battle, and a statue of Colonel William Prescott.

  • Battle of Long Island: Two maps of the Battle of Long Island and a naval scene.

  • Battle of Trenton: Six images of the Battle of Trenton, including Washington's advance, Hessian soldiers, retreat across the Jerseys, and Washington's reception at Trenton.

  • Trenton Battle: The landing of the British in the Jerseys, maps of the New York campaign and Trenton battle, view of Trenton, and surrender of Rall.

  • Battle of Saratoga: These images of the Battle of Saratoga include two maps, a battle scene, the surrender of Burgoyne, and the exploit of Benedict Arnold.

  • Fort Ticonderoga: Six etchings of Fort Ticonderoga showing the attack and capture by Ethan Allen, and the ruins of the fort.

  • Valley Forge: Seven illustrations of the battle at Valley Forge including scenes of the march, the American troops, and General Washington.

  • Battle of Yorktown: An assortment of images from the Battle of Yorktownwhich includes the capture of Redoubt, the seige of Yorktown, and the surrender of Cornwallis.

  • Maps of the Battles of the Revolutionary War: These maps show the positions of the French, plans for the battles of White Plains and Bennington, scenes of operations in the North and South, and the seige of Charleston.

  • Battles of the Revolutionary War: Six more maps of Battles of the Revolutionary War show plans of from around Philadelphia, battles of Lake George, and the campaigns of 1775 - 1776.

  • Major Battles During the Revolutionary War: Six more illustrations including the attack on Fort Moultrie, combat at the Concord Bridge, troops rallied at Brandywine, and two scenes from the battle at Monmouth.

  • Battles of the American Revolution: Pictures of the battle of Germanton, the seige of Charleston, a naval engagement, Washington on his journey to the French forts, and defense of the Liberty Pole in New York.

  • Stony Point: Six scenes from the battle at Stony Point, which was fought on the nights of July 1516, 1779, and led by Brigadier General Anthony Wayne.

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